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The Best Plastic Bag for Your Retail Merchandise

Our guide to plastic bag packaging products below provides general guidelines to help determine the right plastic shopping bag for your company based on average sale per customer (the total amount each customer usually spends):

Click on any product name for a description and specifications:

Average Sale Ideal Bag Types
$1-10 T-Shirt Bags (high density), Stock Bags
$11-25 T-Shirt Bags (low density), Die-Cut BagsThick-Thin BagsStock Bags
$26-50 Patch Handle BagsThick-Thin BagsPoly Drawstring Bags
$51-75 Cotton Drawstring BagsPatch Handle BagsFlexi-Loop BagsKraft Paper Bags
$75-125 Cotton Drawstring BagsPlastic Euro BagsFlexi-Loop BagsKraft Paper Bags
$125 and up Plastic Euro BagsPaper Euro Bags

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