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Alef Custom Packaging can incorporate your existing art and/or designs for your packaging. Our submission guidelines are as follows:


  • We accept files on 3.5″ disk, CD Rom (Mac OR PC) and DVD-ROM, via email to or even by fax/mail when you have a hard copy.
  • When sending your art please include your name, the name of your company and a number where you can be reached.
    We prefer files set up in Adobe Illustrator (vector format). Besides Illustrator (version CS2 or lower) the following program files may work:

    • Freehand 9.0
    • Corel Draw files SAVED AS “AI 7.0” FILE ONLY
    • QuarkXPress 5.0
    • Adobe InDesign
    • PageMaker 6.5
    • Photoshop
    • Editable .EPS or .PDF
    • TIFF, JPEG and GIF (at least 300 dpi at full size)
  • Artwork including text should include font suitcase (Mac or PC) OR convert all type to outlines/paths/curves. We have over 1,000 different fonts and it will speed up your project if you provide us with text converted to outlines.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE – Any jobs involving screens, half-tones or four color process are subject to art department review and may need changes to be adapted for flexographic printing (which is vastly different from normal 4 color process/offset printing!) We will let you know if any changes are needed and will provide a proof for your approval before proceeding.
  • TRAPPING INFO – In flexographic printing, adjacent ink colors are required to overlap slightly. This overlap is called a “TRAP”. We recommend a 1/16″ MANUAL TRAP. Do not use the automatic trap feature from your program, as it does not suit flexographic processes. If you do not know what a trap is, do NOT attempt it. Please allow us to correctly do it for you. Again, this service is provided as a courtesy, free of charge.
  • Contact an Alef Custom Packaging specialist to learn more about our art services, wide selection of plastic bags or other packaging solutions.