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Thick – Thin Custom Printed Plastic Bags

This bag has a regular die-cut handle but the plastic itself is thicker at the top of the bag (to make strong handle) and thinner at the bottom. At order quantities of 25M bags and up, this is a great option to save money while preserving a quality image for your packaging.

Thick & Thin Poly Bag Specifications
Film Colors: white, ivory, black, yellow, silver, gray, orange, light blue, pink, red – other colors may be available by request.
Ink Colors: Matched to pantone
Popular Sizes Suggested Gauge Minimum Wholesale Quantity
10×13 1.5 10M
12×15 1.5 10M
15x18x4 1.75 6M
20x20x4 1.75 6M
23x23x4 2 6M


For pricing, production and shipping schedules, or to learn more about these bags or other packaging products contact an Alef Custom Packaging Specialist.