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The Advantages of Working with Alef Custom Packaging

With over 20 years of packaging development experience in a broad range of materials and package types, Alef Custom Packaging can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency with custom packaging solutions. Our knowledgeable and reliable staff is always available to provide outstanding support over the phone and email from concept to delivery of your order.

Our Unique Advantages

  • Competitive Pricing
    There are many important factors when choosing a wholesale packaging vendor. Price usually comes to the forefront and that is why we work very hard to keep our prices low. We operate facilities throughout North America and Israel, and also represent factories in the far east. This means we can offer you a full range of options and at the right price. We also enjoy low shipping rates (up to 74% off published rates) with our freight carriers. We compare shipping prices for each shipment with up to 5 different carriers to find the lowest rate and bill you at our cost.
  • Quality Guarantee
    Your packaging arrives exactly how you ordered it. That means when you order 1.75 mil, you get 1.75 mil, not 1.5 or 1.6. When we write 1,000 bags in a box, there will be at least 1,000 and not 950. Our goal is to keep you as a life long customer, and we think the best way to achieve this is by hard work and honesty.
  • Fast Turnaround
    We are a quick and agile company. Turnaround time starts with your first call or e-mail. We like to get samples out to you the same day we speak and move the process along quickly. You will never incur a “rush order” fee with us. As long as the other orders in house are not also rush requests, we will move your order to the front of the line. Our bottom line is that we will do everything within our power to produce and ship your order and quickly as possible.Learn more about how custom printed plastic bags are ordered and made.
  • Manufacturing Experience/Consulting
    We have over 30 years experience in manufacturing. You can buy with confidence knowing you are not dealing with a “middle-man”. In addition, our expertise enables us to give you the best advice on making your bags effective and attractive.
  • Family Atmosphere
    We are family owned and operated, but we think of our employees and customers as family as well. We cultivate long-term relationships by always looking out for our clients’ best interests. We give advice based on what we think will help your business grow because we want to keep you as a customer for life. Our aim is to be completely honest, working our hardest to exceed your expectations.
  • Privacy Guarantee
    We promise never to divulge private information about our customers to third parties.
  • Free Art Services
    Brand new, 100% original artwork is free of charge. Sounds too good to be true, but that’s exactly what you’ll get with Alef Custom PackagingThe design of your bag sets it apart from others. If you already have a great logo, we’ll be happy to use and print it. For those of you who are just getting started or need a new design to freshen up your look, you’ll be happy to know we have an experienced art design department. Our designers work with you to improve your packaging design or can provide new high-quality designs that will give you the professional look your business deserves. We go beyond the norm to make sure that the finished product meets your high standards.Learn more about Alef Custom Packaging Free Art Services
  • No Hidden Costs
    There are only three things we ever charge for: bags, shipping and plates. Shipping is billed at cost and using our 72% discount with various freight carriers. Plates are charged for your first order only and billed at cost. What’s more is that when you have a change or addition to your address portion, we update the plates FREE of charge. There are NO extra charges for artwork, proofs, rush orders, storage, special ink colors, etc.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    All of our production methods are EPA approved. Whenever possible, we add post-consumer recycled material to your bags. We also operate our own recycling machinery for plastic, which helps create energy we can use to run other machines.Learn about the facts and myths of plastic bags vs. paper bags.

Contact an Alef Custom Packaging specialist to learn more about our selection of plastic bags and other packaging solutions.