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Why Custom Printed Bags are Critical to Your Brand

Custom printed bags are expensive compared to generic stock bags, but are you better off with them?

Your packaging’s importance extends well beyond being just something to hold your merchandise.

A custom printed bag has a tremendous impact on the image of your product, store, event or promotion. It’s both a powerful form of outdoor advertising and a way to keep your brand top of mind with your customers. New customers are exposed to brand and Consumers will recognize your logo when they see it somewhere else, customers feel better about their purchase and other potential customers see your logo.

As for price, there are a wide variety of bags with a wide variety in pricing. It’s a matter of finding the bag that is right for you and your merchandise. If you own a dollar store, then a bag that costs 50 cents would obviously be too expensive. But for an upscale clothing store, that same bag will be reasonable and effective. Conversely, if you own an upscale clothing store, a bag that costs 1 penny will be a poor choice and a bad refection on the brand.

Whichever style you choose, a business using custom printed poly bags has a distinct advantage over competition that is using a blank poly bag or a generic “thank-you” plastic bag.

While the price is obviously an important factor in deciding on a packaging vendor, be cautious about using it alone. A very cheap price can sometimes mean cheap looking bags as well operational and logistical headaches. You may experience poor quality printing, a thinner gauge than you ordered and shipping delays by choosing on price alone. Also, beware of hidden costs such as artwork charges, proof charges, rush charges, ink or film up-charges.

With Alef Custom Packaging, you ONLY pay for your bags, the plates (first order only) and shipping costs. There are NO other costs.