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T-Shirt Custom Printed Plastic Bags

The high density version of the T-shirt bag is the least expensive plastic bag available. It is commonly used in supermarkets, retail chain stores, beachwear stores and others. The low density version has clearer graphics and a more upscale look. Both are very strong and durable.

T-shirt Poly Bags (Low Density or High density) Packaging Specifications
Film Colors: white, ivory, black, yellow, gray, orange, – other colors may be available by request.
Ink Colors: Matched to pantone
Popular Sizes Suggested Gauge Minimum Wholesale Quantity
12x7x23 0.6 – 0.7 30M (high density) – 6M (low density)
12x9x30 0.75 – 0.9 30M (high density) – 6M (low density)

With high density t-shirt bags (the kind used at most supermarkets), do you need to double bag?
Not necessarily. High-density bags are extremely strong and can support a lot of weight. These bags can be made as thin as they are but can still typically hold a load of groceries. If you have merchandise with sharp edges, you run the risk of tearing the high density bags. A cost effective solution is to manufacture slightly thicker bags, which will be less expensive than using 2 bags.

For pricing, production and shipping schedules, or to learn more about these bags or other packaging products contact an Alef Custom Packaging Specialist.